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Beating the Odds

What the Houston Astros Can Teach

No team is forecast to lose more games than the Houston Astros this season. Experts struggle to find ways to describe exactly how bad this team can be.

Yet on one night, the Astros gave an example to anyone in the business of performance. The best team doesn’t win. The team that plays best will win.

Sunday night the Astros played better than the Texas Rangers, beating them 8-2 on Opening Day.

It’s only one stop in a 162-game schedule, but the Astros reminded everyone that odds don’t matter. Neither do expectations, predictions, news articles or salaries. All that matters is performance.

This goes for business, sports, school. You can’t control the opinions of others. All you can control is what you do.

Houston manager Bo Porter is stressing the opportunity his players have. For one night, they seized it and beat the odds.


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