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Overcoming Fear

People say that few things inspire more fear than the prospect of speaking in public. The joke is that the fear of public speaking is greater than the the fear of death, so at a funeral many people would rather be the dead person than the one giving the eulogy. Given all that, how do […]

When Opportunity Knocks

Sometimes it takes a while for the real message to sink in. That is certainly true about something I heard at a baseball clinic in Georgia a few weeks ago. The speaker was discussing the challenge of playing the outfield. He said that even though there might be only one or two balls hit your […]

Advice from the Best

What if you could spend a few minutes with some of the best executives in the world? What questions would you ask? This article lets you spend that time. Take a few moments to see what advice these top leaders would give you if they had the chance. You don’t even have to get on […]

The Choice to Finish

I’m back blogging after a grueling few days of putting the finishing touches on my book, “The Improvement Factor: How Winners Turn Practice into Success.” The book finally got done because I’ve learned the same lesson that I preach in my Winner’s Workshops. You can’t try to do several projects at once. If you do, […]

Burning to Live

An old sports writer friend once told a story about Moe Berg, a one-of-a-kind ballplayer who read 10 newspapers a day and happened to be an atomic spy for the United States. Berg was a mediocre batter, but he did speak seven languages, prompting Dave Harris, an outfielder for the Washington Senators, to say, “Yeah, […]

Training for Adversity

No matter who you pick in the upcoming NCAA tournaments, you can be sure of one thing: The winner will have to overcome adversity. Injuries, bad calls and momentum swings will test the will of all teams, and the one that responds best will win. It will take mental toughness to survive, which raises a […]

Predicting Peyton

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. That’s what people say about picking stocks, and they could say the same thing about picking a quarterback. With Peyton Manning fresh on the market, NFL teams must decide if he is the choice for them. Several teams have expressed interest, including the Miami Dolphins and New […]

March Sadness

Count me out of March Madness. I think of it as March Sadness. People on Facebook have been asking me to join pools and fill out brackets when the time comes, but it’s very hard for me to get worked up over a system that is based on corruption. Don’t get me wrong. I admire […]

A Leader’s Biggest Pitfall

It’s said that power corrupts. Well, it does worse than that. According to a study reported in Forbes magazine, power can make you stupid. (No jokes about Washington, please.) Four researchers, intrigued by issues like BP’s oil rig disaster, joined to learn whether overconfident people are drawn to power, or whether power itself creates their […]

Choices You Make

All of life is choice. Your decisions make your destiny. That’s why a classroom demonstration left me speechless yesterday, barely able to process what I had just seen. Dr. Rob Gilbert, professor at Montclair State University in Northern New Jersey, opened his sports psychology class with an offer. He pulled a $20 bill from his […]