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What Was Thomas Edison Really Good At?

Edison’s real gift may have been identifying things that could be improved.

Does What You Are Doing Matter?

Sometimes cause and effect are not what they seem. If you want to improve, it’s important to know the difference.

Does Close Really Count in Horseshoes?

For great performers, close is not enough. They use passion, preparation, effort, focus and feedback to get it right.

Falling Football Stock

Drafted with high hopes in April, cut in August. That’s the reality for Jachai Polite, taken by the Jets in the third round of the NFL draft. This story in the New York Post explores the how and why of Polite’s fall. Polite came to the Jets via a 68th-overall pick, a move that now […]

The Tyler Skaggs Tragedy

The silver lining, if there could ever be such a thing when it comes to a fatal drug interaction, is that the death of Angels’ pitcher Tyler Skaggs could bring more attention to the issue of opioids. After all, big-league athletes are not supposed to die. Not when they are in full youth. And yet […]

Addiction on the court

Here’s a side of tennis you don’t often hear about. But this story just underlines the fact that addiction does not discriminate. Your race, color, creed, religion, skill level, line of work, achievements, or gender … none of it matters. Interviewed by Dr. Lipi Roy, 1993 French Open doubles champion Murphy Jensen discusses the highs, […]

What Would Make You Eat a Rat?

Is courage genetic, or can it be formed through power of will?

Can You Trade a Baseball Player for a Box of Cigars?

Baseball history shows that the trade you make today can affect your organization — for better or worse — for years.

The Sixth-Grader No One Saw Coming

Right now in a sixth grade somewhere sits a person who one day be the best in the world at what they do. And no one knows who that person is.

Why Persistence is Relative

Persistence wins. But a person can persist in some areas, and quit in others.