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But Will It Help Him Play Basketball?

Jordan McCabe is a young basketball player featured in this video. He has practiced and performed with enough skill to draw the eyes of local media in the Pacific Northwest. His drills certainly get your attention. But — here is the jackpot question for anyone who wants to acquire skill — do they help him […]

Love Your Rivals

Love your opponents, even the most fierce rivals. They will make you better if you let them. Imagine how carefully and diligently the Packers will be preparing for the Steelers, and vice versa. Each team will have to raise its game. This quote sums it up perfectly: “Those who wrestle with us … strengthen our […]

The Biggest Mistake of All

With the NFL conference title games and the Super Bowl coming up, you’ll hear a lot about mistakes. Players and coaches like to say that the team that makes the fewest mistakes will win. But is that true? It’s possible that the biggest mistake of all is making no mistakes. So says Dave Cross, a […]

Impact of Video Games

I love attending sports clinics. The coaches are motivated to learn, and information flows freely. Here at the Michigan High School Baseball Coaches Association clinic in Mt. Pleasant, Mich., one of the coaches offered an insight into video games and how he believes they affect sports participation. “There’s no time commitment with video games,” said […]

Setting the Tone for Practice

Why do some people have so much more success than others do? Some coaches, for instance, come up with an outstanding team year after year, no matter who graduates or who walks through the door as part of the freshman class. Maria Nolan fits into this category. She recently won her 20th state championship in […]