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Problems and Solutions

Life is a series of problem-solving events. No one can escape. That means that the most important life skill could well be solving problems. Here’s a great article on problems and solutions. The author takes a close look at effective problem-solvers and asks what seems to be an overly basic question: Do people spend enough […]

What Do You Sound Like When You Coach?

What effect do your pep talks have? Do you actually inspire your players? Or would you cringe if you could hear yourself? This article by softball maven Cindy Bristow contains an exercise that could help you find out. In fact, even thinking about the exercise could make you a better coach. Get your tape recorder […]

Should Young Athletes Play More Than One Sport?

Is playing more than one sport a thing of the past? According to this article by renowned college coach Terry Pettit, it shouldn’t be. Pettit writes: “The more neurological pathways a young athlete has experienced, the more likely they are going to be able to adjust in the future, which is why developing athletes should […]

Praise as Much as You Criticize

Whether you’re a coach, a teacher, a boss or a parent, you’re in the business of molding the future. How do you help people improve? How do you help others become all they can be? There’s great advice in this article. It’s the Management Tip of the Day from the Harvard Business Review. “Research shows […]

Saggy Pants on Airplane

Have you seen the story about the college football player who was removed from a plane after an airline employee asked him to hike up his pants? The story has gone to YouTube, where your interpretation of the video depends on your ideas before you watch it. Deshon Marman plays for the University of New […]

Fake It Until You Make It

Now Tim Thomas can tell the truth. Now that’s he has led the Boston Bruins to the Stanley Cup, and now that he won the Conn Smythe Trophy as the playoff MVP, he can admit it: he was petrified. But he never let it show. He used a technique that everyone can use. He Acted […]

Worldwide Ad Spending Hits $500 Billion

An article in eMarketer says that worldwide ad spending has reached $500 billion per year. That’s Billion with a “B!” And the figure could hit $600 billion within five years. Why do advertisers spend so much money? Why, for instance, does Coca-Cola keep its message out there? After all, doesn’t everybody already know about Coca-Cola? […]

Should College Athletes Get Paid?

Certain sports can help bring money into a college. Lots of it. That being the case, should college athletes get paid? The NCAA is getting together a summit to discuss various items. Among them could very well be how to compensate athletes. It’s an interesting question, especially since many college athletes already get paid, in […]

Lecture for LeBron

LeBron James is likely not in the mood to hear a lecture right now. But his former employer, Clevelands Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, has one anyway. And it’s one that all of us can heed. “Old Lesson for all: There are NO SHORTCUTS. NONE,” Gilbert said Sunday night after James and the Miami Heat fell […]

Parent Sues Over Softball Vote

What do you think about the contention that an All-County vote can hurt a player’s chances? I just heard from a coach in Virginia who claims that colleges don’t even look at high school performance and honors. Instead, they look at traveling teams, and scout them personally.