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Worldwide Ad Spending Hits $500 Billion

An article in eMarketer says that worldwide ad spending has reached $500 billion per year. That’s Billion with a “B!” And the figure could hit $600 billion within five years.

Why do advertisers spend so much money? Why, for instance, does Coca-Cola keep its message out there? After all, doesn’t everybody already know about Coca-Cola?

The purpose of all the spending is not to introduce the product, but to keep it in the front of the consumer’s mind.

There’s a lesson in that for everyone. What’s in the front of your mind? What are the things you think about and do every day? These are important questions because when people fail to reach their goals, it’s not because of lack of skill. It’s because they lose sight of their goals.

Here’s a simple tip for reaching your goals. Write them down and review them every day. It’s effective. And cheaper, too!


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