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Are You As Smart As You Think You Are?

This will no doubt cause snickering among my family, friends, colleagues and yes, rivals, but I just realized something about myself. I’m not very smart. All these years I’ve been believing some things I heard a half-century ago. My parents told me I was smart. So did my teachers, my test scores, and the colleges […]

Is the Sport of Football Dying?

A few years ago, a friend of mine predicted that the sport of American football would disappear within a generation or so. This friend, a sport psychologist, said a growing awareness of concussions would lead parents to keep their children away from the game. Evidence is growing to help his claim. An August episode of […]

How Committed Are You?

Take a moment to look around your life. At your job, who is the most committed person, who is the least and where do you fall on this line? Same question for your family, your team, your school, you name it. How committed are you? One day a chicken ran around the barnyard, telling all […]

Hurricane Sandy and Motivation

If you have ever doubted your power, just look what happened in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. People lived without heat, power, hot water and light for a week or longer. Some waited in gas lines for five hours. Others slept in their cars. EvenNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and President Obama did what some […]