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Win More: Develop a Vision

When you’re holding a new book in your hand, how do you decide whether to read it? Do you look at the back cover? The inside flaps? Do you open it at random? I use a simple test — just read the first sentence of Chapter One. That sentence says a lot about the writer’s […]

Failing Your Way to the Top

Movie titan James Cameron said, “If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.” He was only half right. There’s more to success than setting high goals. There’s also making mistakes as you pursue those goals. If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not improving. You’re not […]

How to Have More “Aha!” Moments

You’ve heard perhaps the tale of Archimedes, the long-ago Greek scientist who noticed the water rise when he sat in his bath. In this eureka moment, Archimedes realized he could use the same principle to learn whether the king’s crown was made with pure gold. Whether or not the tale is true, the fact is […]

Are You Growing?

You’ve made the team. Or been picked for the play. Or been accepted at a high school or college. Congratulations .. sort of. Getting picked is only the beginning. New York Mets broadcasters made this point during a recent telecast. They quoted Rick Peterson, a noted pitching coach, who told his players, “Your signing bonus […]

How to Make a Great Impression

Sports is like business in so many ways. In both arenas, you must produce or lose. In both arenas, too many mistakes can doom your effort. And in both arenas, you can use the same kinds of tips to improve. That’s why you can impress your coach, your boss — even a teacher — by […]

Win More: What the PED Scandal Means to You

Today, major-league baseball is handing down suspensions to players it believes have taken steroids. New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez is the most prominent name. I have no first-hand knowledge of who did or did not take these drugs, but I do know this: Your decisions are your destiny. You are today the product of […]

Win More: How Can You Change the World?

What can one person do? What impact can you make? You’d be surprised. Shocked, actually. Here’s a video from simple truths.com that shows what one person did in response to a challenge. If you look at the world, you can find somewhere, something, someone where you can make all the difference. When you take constructive […]

Win More: Get Up Earlier

Want to improve? Whether it’s sports, school or business, there’s one simple thing that will help you. Get up earlier in the morning. Early rising gets you active, not passive. It gives you more time for important things, especially breakfast. Most of all, getting up early sets a tone. It gives you a victory first […]