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Snowstorms and Equality

That massive Midwest storm did more than move an NFL game from Minneapolis to Detroit. It also provided a vivid example of how to treat people. This storm treated everyone the same. It inconvenienced people regardless of age, status or wealth. Not even NFL players, with their money and fame, could escape the impact. How […]

Conquering the Self

President Obama has won at least one key victory. Amid tax deals, a bad economy, and multiple wars, he’s stopped smoking. Spokesman Robert Gibbs says he hasn’t seen any evidence of smoking in the last nine months. If that’s true, then even Obama’s critics can give him some credit. Dealing with any addiction is a […]

Billionaires’ First Jobs

Where does success begin? Last summer, Forbes published an article titled “Billionaires’ First Jobs.” It carries strong lessons for all coaches: It’s not where you begin, but where you finish; it’s what you do in your current circumstances that matters most; and success requires action. Patrick McGovern, founder of International Data Group, lists what he […]

A Brush With Greatness

Have you ever heard the story of Eric James Torpy? In a way, it is the story of too many people. Five years ago, Torpy was facing a 30-year term for shooting with an intent to kill and robbery. But Torpy didn’t want 30 years. He wanted 33 — to match the uniform number that […]