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What’s the Message?

Exactly what is the message when you suspend two players after a bar brawl, and then reinstate them just in time for the start of fall practice? That’s the situation at the University of Tennessee, where two players are back in the fold after a brawl that left an off-duty police officer seriously injured. Tennessee […]


Call it the law of intended consequences. A New Jersey guideline designed to protect student-athletes could actually discourage some people from reporting symptoms. That’s what medical experts told a sports concussion summit hosted by the Athletic Trainers’ Society of New Jersey on Monday. The story appeared in The Record. The concussion guidelines, adopted by the […]

Wanting Great Things

My family just returned from a vacation on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, where we got a close-up of people trying to get the most out of their time away. Whether it was a walk on the beach or para-sailing over the Sound, these vacationers wanted great things out of their week by the ocean. This […]