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Homework and Coaching

At first glance, you might not see much connection between school homework and gaining skill at a sport. But there’s one common theme: improvement. Coaches and teachers alike should constantly be searching for ways to help their student-athletes get better at what they do. In this article from the New York Times, the author argues […]

What the Pumpkin Shortage Means to You

The price of your Halloween jack-o-lantern just went up. So did the tab for your Thanksgiving and Christmas pumpkin pie. That’s because Hurricane Irene wiped out hundreds of pumpkin patches in the northeastern states. No one (except the pumpkin farmers and distributors) thought much about pumpkins when Irene was causing massive flood damage. There were […]

Ten Principles to Live By

Sports seasons — and life itself — can move so fast that often you don’t know what to think. That’s when you need principles, enduring truths. Here’s an article called “Ten Principles To Live By In Fiercely Complex Times.” Picking out even one, and then living by it, can make all the difference in your […]

The $1,000 Challenge

If nothing changes, then nothing changes. This goes for your sport, your studies, or your business. If things keep turning out short of what you want, then you must change something. It happened to me recently. A doctor told me, basically, to change my diet or die. Those were the only two choices. But how […]