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Hope and the New Year

Some people hope for a great New Year. Others look toward the New Year with hope. There’s a big difference. Hoping by itself will never get it done. Action accompanied by hope offers a better chance. Edith Lovejoy Pierce said, “We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words […]

Predicting Your 2010

What does 2010 hold for you? Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is that your 2010 will be a lot like your 2009. The bad news is that your 2010 will be a lot like your 2009. Confused? It’s really simple. Life is habit, and so, for better or for […]

New Year’s Resolutions

There’s a new blog out there, with the mission of “Supporting Sports Opportunities for Girls.” It’s written by Barb Lazarus, and the most recent post presents some thoughts on “If and When To Cross The Line From Recreational to the Competitive/Travel Team Level.” The thinking and writing are clear and useful, and the light tone is […]

Why the Colts Were Wrong

The Indianapolis Colts were the talk around the gym yesterday. People debated whether Indy coach Jim Caldwell did the right thing by taking his key players out of Sunday’s game, even though it meant risking the team’s chance at an undefeated season. Indianapolis wound up losing to the New York Jets, creating a great sports […]

The Magic of Feedback

Today I got my car inspected. During the wait in line, a thought occurred to me. Car inspection is nothing more than a form of feedback. Here’s what happens: You take an action (bringing your car in) The car gets observed. You learn if the car’s condition is adequate. If it is not, you receive […]

Coaching and Health

Urban Meyer could have been speaking for thousands of coaches when he said that he had been ignoring his health. Consumed by their passion for the job, these coaches build up stress and neglect healthy habits. Meyer, coach of Florida’s football team, apparently was one of them. Chest pains were enough to convince him it […]

The Journey of Discovery

Forty-one years ago, the crew of Apollo 8 was orbiting the moon. Untold thousands of people came home home from Christmas Eve services to look in wonder at live TV  pictures from the mission. Along the with video, the astronauts sent a message. But even if the crew had never said a word, they would […]

The Role of Heart

Many years ago, renowned actor Charles Laughton was a guest for Christmas dinner at the home of a distinguished and well-to family. Part of the tradition involved a performance by everyone at the meal. People would sing, recite poetry, etc. When Laughton’s turn came, he decided to recite the 23rd Psalm, the one that begins, […]

Performer of the Year

This year’s Mind-Body Performer of the Year Award goes to someone who works outside the sports arena. No one, either in sports or out, put on a performance to rival the one given by Chesley Sullenberger back in January. He safely crash-landed a disabled airliner in the Hudson River, allowing every single person on the […]

Losing Streak Ends

Good news has come just in time for Christmas. The Dallas Academy girls basketball team, which made national news last year when it lost a game 100-0, broke an eight-year losing streak recently with a 34-33 victory over Johnson County. Her is another account. Meanwhile, players at Wrenshall (Minn.) High School were trying to fathom […]