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Losing Streak Ends

Good news has come just in time for Christmas.

The Dallas Academy girls basketball team, which made national news last year when it lost a game 100-0, broke an eight-year losing streak recently with a 34-33 victory over Johnson County. Her is another account.

Meanwhile, players at Wrenshall (Minn.) High School were trying to fathom a 65-0 loss. This one, according to the website RivalsHigh, did not generate the uproar that the 100-0 game did. That’s because, according to Coach Michelle Blanchard, Wrenshall just couldn’t make its shots go in.

Among the missed attempts, according to Blanchard, were 11 layups.

That reminds me of a conversation with another coach a few years ago. We were talking about reducing each sport to its essence. For instance, Coach Vince Lombardi said that football is blocking and tackling. Pitching in baseball is about throwing strikes. Tennis and volleyball are about serving and returning.

When I asked this coach about basketball, he said: layups and free throws. If that’s true, then Wrenshall knows what to work on in practice!


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