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Beating the Odds

Performer of the Year

This year’s Mind-Body Performer of the Year Award goes to someone who works outside the sports arena.

No one, either in sports or out, put on a performance to rival the one given by Chesley Sullenberger back in January. He safely crash-landed a disabled airliner in the Hudson River, allowing every single person on the plane to walk away.

Hours of training went into the split-second decisions he had to make that day. As the researchers say, it takes 10,000 hours of practice to gain mastery in a field. Sullenberger’s passengers and crew can give thanks that his were well-spent.

The captain was a master of focus. He concentrated on the task, not on the stakes. If he had paused to think about all the lives that depended on his success, he could have been paralyzed by fear. Instead, he simply concentrated on flying the plane.

It’s wonderful message for all athletes and coaches. You can’t concentrate on the outcome. You must focus on the process.

Sullenberger was able to do that, and he brought his long hours of practice to the task. For that, he is the TotalGamePlan Mind-Body Peak Performer of the Year.


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