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Lesson on Teamwork

Here’s a case of a coach thinking outside the box. Temple basketball coach Fran Dunphy underlined the need for teamwork by taking his team for a workout with the crew squad. His players got a first-hand look at chemistry. Give this coach high marks for understanding that the game goes well beyond X’s and O’s […]

Boston Manager Takes Responsibility

It’s rare in this world where someone takes the responsibility instead of trying to fix blame. Former Boston Red Sox Manager Terry Francona admits that things had begun slipping long before the team’s September collapse. In this interview you get a glimpse into how thoughtful and passionate Francona is. No wonder he was able to […]

Language and Coaching

The other day on a cooking show, the host said she was making a classic French dish. “Classic French dish,” she said, “is code for lots and lots of butter.” Wow! That really made me think. I’ve heard the phrase “classic French dish” many times, but I never attached the same meaning to it that […]