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What the Houston Astros Can Teach

No team is forecast to lose more games than the Houston Astros this season. Experts struggle to find ways to describe exactly how bad this team can be. Yet on one night, the Astros gave an example to anyone in the business of performance. The best team doesn’t win. The team that plays best will […]

The First Men to See Barry Larkin

Getting drafted by a pro team guarantees nothing. History is filled with people who are picked high but who never live up to their potential. No one can ever say that about Barry Larkin. If anything, he went beyond expectations. Taken as the fourth overall pick in the 1985 draft, Larkin has landed in the […]

Ron Washington Questions

No one is perfect. Let’s begin any discussion of Ron Washington’s cocaine use there. Having said that, you still wonder how Washington, manager of baseball’s Texas Rangers, ever got involved in cocaine. Exactly how did he get into a situation where cocaine was present? What contributed to what he himself calls a moment of weakness? […]