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Beating the Odds

That First Step

For parents, few things rival the thrill of baby’s first step. The proud mom and dad eagerly await the event. They’re ready with the video cam. They call their friends to tell them the news.

No wonder! Taking that first step is a huge moment for any baby. It separates the past from the future, and opens the way for a different life.

You’re just like a baby in the sense that first steps don’t end when you grow up. Life is full of first steps, and you can take them any time you want. You can go from out-of-shape to buff, from addicted to sober, from sick to healthy or from jobless to employed. In each case, that first step is the one that can transform everything. Nothing happens without it.

Just as with a baby, that first step isn’t easy. You may fall a few times. You may be a bit rocky on your feet. But those things are soon forgotten when you’re on your way to a new life.

If you’re not getting what you want from life, you can change it all with that one step. You can start doing something you haven’t been doing, or you can stop doing something harmful.

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova took a big step in her life. Years ago, after winning a major or two, she faced a choice: She could rest on her laurels or become one of the all-time greats. She chose greatness, and began by overhauling her diet. She became great, maybe the greatest of all time. It began with the one step of fixing her diet.

What step can you take today that will transform your life?

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