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Predictions About You for 2012

Today I kept alive one of my resolutions for 2012: drink freshly squeezed lemon water first thing in the morning. Supposedly it cleans out and refreshes the body after sleep. I’m not sure what the science is, but I feel good physically and feel good about doing something I’ve promised myself to do.

One of the best things anyone can do in 2012 is listen to Dr. Rob Gilbert’s Success Hotline at (973) 743-4690. It’s a free motivational hotline, and Dr. Gilbert changes the message every day. There’s no selling. Well, actually there is some selling. Dr. Gilbert is trying to sell you on your own potential.

My friend Karin Abarbanel has captured his thoughts for 2012 and placed them on her blog, KarinWritesDangerously.

Karin and Dr. Gilbert share a gift: They make others feel good about themselves. If you’re a coach, teacher, boss or parent, you’ll want to develop this gift in yourself. Not in a shallow kind of way, with false praise. Instead, develop a knack for seeing and mentioning the progress that people make. Laud their effort and achievements.

This approach went on display even in the case of actress Lindsay Lohan during one of her recent court appearances. Notice the look on Lohan’s face in this video when the judge praises her.

You can be a great motivator by using the best management technique: Catch someone doing something right. Just imagine someone tapping you on the shoulder and saying,”I really like how you did that.” Wouldn’t that feel great?

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