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New Year’s Resolutions

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Predictions About You for 2012

Today I kept alive one of my resolutions for 2012: drink freshly squeezed lemon water first thing in the morning. Supposedly it cleans out and refreshes the body after sleep. I’m not sure what the science is, but I feel good physically and feel good about doing something I’ve promised myself to do. One of […]

A Wish for 2012

Years ago, there was a young musician in the Bay Area who made a living giving banjo lessons. Each of his students came on a certain day of the week. One evening, however, the teacher was waiting and waiting for someone to show up for a lesson. No one did. This puzzled the teacher, who […]

How to Create a Great 2012

What can you do to make 2012 your best year yet? It all begins in the few precious hours before Dick Clark comes on TV and the ball comes down in Times Square. With one fun exercise you can create a year to remember. Just use the Banquet Technique. It comes in three steps. First, […]

The Power of Listening

The other day I read a Twitter profile that went like this: “Strong opinions. Good listener.” It made me think. Is such a thing possible? How about you? Do you think those two qualities can exist side by side in a person? Can you really care, at the same time, about what YOU think and […]

Recipes: For Pea Soup and Improvement

I just saw an article that began with the words “Here is a simple recipe for pea soup.” Normally, that would not have meant much to me, but since I am a coach who is trying to teach others how to coach, the word “simple”really stood out. Just the other day, I saw a coach […]

Five Tips for Effective Leadership

Here’s one of the better articles I’ve seen on leadership. It comes from Forbes and, among other things, it has valuable things to say on what goes into creating a cohesive unit and making each person feel valued. It makes the point that leadership isn’t about the leader, it’s about the people on the team! […]