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The Most Important Quality

Does the number 233 mean anything to you?

Probably not. But maybe this article can make you think about it, and how important it is to your coaching.

It turns out that the number 233 represents the amount of days it would take for astronauts to travel from Earth to Mars. That’s a lot of time cooped up in a capsule, but it would be necessary for a manned Mars mission.

In fact, an experiment just ended in Moscow. It involved locking six men in a steel container for 233 days to simulate the conditions on a long trip. The men were free to leave at any time. None did.

If this experiment is any indiction, the most important quality for any astronaut is not skill or knowledge. It’s the ability to great along with, and function with, others.

Your season is a journey. It’s not to Mrs, and it doesn’t last 233 days, but it’s a journey nevertheless. On this journey you will need people who can get along with, and function with, others. You’ll need people who heal, not divide. You’ll need people who are genuinely happy — and not jealous — when other people succeed.

Never overlook the intangibles. They can be far more important than physical gifts.

Just remember. It’s 233 days from Earth to Mars.


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