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Stephen Hawking and Excuses

Hockey legend Mark Messier has said, “The minute you start making excuses, you’ve got one foot in the grave.” If you coach, teach or lead in any way, you’ve probably heard lots of excuses. I know I have. And you’ve probably made some. I know I have. (“We’re in a tough conference.” “Our best player […]

The Most Important Quality

Does the number 233 mean anything to you? Probably not. But maybe this article can make you think about it, and how important it is to your coaching. It turns out that the number 233 represents the amount of days it would take for astronauts to travel from Earth to Mars. That’s a lot of […]

Locked in a Space Ship

How would you like to go to Mars? A Russian research group has just wound up a 105-day experiment to test the ability of the crew to get along on such a trip. Here’s the reality of traveling to another planet: It takes time. And one of the concerns of scientists is whether people can […]