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Beating the Odds

Guarantees of Victory

Yesterday in the fuss over Mark McGwire, a key anniversary passed without notice.

It was 40 years ago when Joe Namath backed up his guarantee that the Jets would beat the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III.

Funny that 40 years later, the same Jets franchise is being led by a coach who, like Namath, is not afraid to speak outside the box. Rex Ryan has led the Jets into the second round of the playoffs with stirring speeches.

But there will never be a guarantee quite like Namath’s. Not only were the Colts favored by more than two touchdowns, but back then the National Football League was considered to be vastly superior to the American Football League, where the Jets played.

But Namath guaranteed victory, and later he explained why. He knew some of the Colts players from his days in college ball, and he knew that the Jets players were just as good as they were.

In other words, Namath believed his eyes and his experience more than he believed what other people said.

It’s a great lesson for everyone. Never give an opponent too much credit. That gives them an edge. As the saying goes, “Respect all, fear none.” That approach will help you. Guaranteed.


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