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Staying Entertained

If you’ve flown recently, you may have seen a screen directly in front of your seat, showing previews and inviting you to — for a price — “stay entertained.” “Stay entertained.” That pretty much sums up life today. Whether it’s a TV show, an IPod or a cell phone, we have devices that invite us […]

Bulletin Board Material

Have coaches been doing it wrong all these years? According to sports wisdom, coaches were never supposed to say anything to rile up an opponent. You never wanted to provide something that the other team could put up on its bulletin board for motivation. Now here comes New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan, who seemingly […]

Guarantees of Victory

Yesterday in the fuss over Mark McGwire, a key anniversary passed without notice. It was 40 years ago when Joe Namath backed up his guarantee that the Jets would beat the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. Funny that 40 years later, the same Jets franchise is being led by a coach who, like Namath, […]