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Beating the Odds

The Game of Life

Today’s quote is so powerful that we can let it speak for itself. Let me just add that it coincides nicely with the recent announcement that John Wooden has been named the greatest coach in U.S. history. Wooden preached “Make every day a masterpiece.”

Here is the quote, provided by Lauren Shears, assistant women’s volleyball coach at Ramapo College in Northern New Jersey:

“Some people still think life is a practice game with the ‘big play’ or Super Bowl coming up at the end of the season.  Only after years have slipped away do they realize that they were inextricably involved in the ‘big game’ every day of their lives…Whether you are in the opening minutes of the Game of Life, or in any of the remaining three quarters…determine once and for all that you’ll play the game to win.  THERE IS NO TIME TO LOSE!!” — “The Psychology of Winning” by Dr. Denis Waitley


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