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Re-setting Your Limits

Comfort is the enemy of growth. Navy SEALS know that, and they’re teaching it to U.S. Olympians. “We’re going to re-set your baseline today,” a SEAL tells a group of athletes as they embark on a grueling session to test and expand their limits. Olympians and SEALS are just like the rest of us. They […]

Enjoy the Journey

Here’s a quote that takes us beautifully into 2012: “It is not in the pursuit of happiness that we find fulfillment, it is in the happiness of pursuit,” said Denis Waitley. What a perfect message for you and those around you! Whether it’s a sports season, a business venture, or anything at all, enjoy the […]

The Game of Life

Today’s quote is so powerful that we can let it speak for itself. Let me just add that it coincides nicely with the recent announcement that John Wooden has been named the greatest coach in U.S. history. Wooden preached “Make every day a masterpiece.” Here is the quote, provided by Lauren Shears, assistant women’s volleyball […]