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Positive Role Models

“People never improve unless they look to some standard or example higher and better than themselves.” — Tryon Edwards

Now that Phil Jackson has coached his NBA record 10th championship, some people are calling him the greatest coach in league history.

The Positive Coaching Alliance is calling him something else — a great role model.

“Watching the Lakers win the NBA title, last night I began to count the ways that Phil Jackson is a model for youth coaches,” PCA founder Jim Thompson wrote in his Youth Sport Spotlight blog.

Jackson, the PCA National Spokesperson, is among that group of coaches who exude strong values while winning. Tony Dungy and Joe Tore also come to mind.

But they coach (or coached) professionals, grownups who can fend for themselves (or have agents to do so). Young players need support and guidance all the more.

So the next time you win (like Phil Jackson), ask yourself if someone would point to you as a role model (like Phil Jackson).


2 comments for “Positive Role Models”

  1. Great stuff on Phil Jackson!
    Sometimes despite his record he gets a bad rap beacuse he has coached such talented players
    (Jordan, Pippen,Shaq, Kobe, etc)
    I liked the guy since he played for the 1970 Knicks and was a key player off the bench for them

    Posted by Kevin Reilly | June 16, 2009, 10:51 am

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