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Positive Data

Last weekend’s nor’easter did more than disrupt life on the ground. It did its best to foul up air travel, destroying equipment that measures wind speed and direction at New York’s Kennedy Airport. “”Wind-measuring equipment just shattered on the field,” a controller advised a pilot as the storm raged. Controllers wound up getting phone updates […]

Positive Energy

Many thanks to Jim Luttrell, who always sends along the latest from the Positive Coaching Alliance. In this issue, Jim Thompson is blogging about positivity, and uses a recent camping trip to underline the point. On this particular expedition, mistakes lead to inconvenience for everyone. It would be easy for people to complain and blame. […]

Managing Mistakes

The more I coach, the more I believe that mistakes hold the key to your destiny. Mistakes represent a fork in the road. At this fork, you decide whether to be frustrated or fascinated. You decide whether you will lose or learn. You decide whether you will quit or grow. A blog from the Positive […]

Positive Role Models

Now that Phil Jackson has coached his NBA record 10th championship, some people are calling him the greatest coach in league history.

The Positive Coaching Alliance is calling him something else — a great role model.