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Motivation by the Numbers: 199

The number 199 reminds us that it’s easier to spot someone’s faults than to spot their potential.

The First Men to See Barry Larkin

Getting drafted by a pro team guarantees nothing. History is filled with people who are picked high but who never live up to their potential. No one can ever say that about Barry Larkin. If anything, he went beyond expectations. Taken as the fourth overall pick in the 1985 draft, Larkin has landed in the […]

The Story Every Competitor Should Hear

“The minute you start making excuses, you have one foot in the grave.” ~ Mark Messier Any time you or one of your players are tempted to make excuses, just think of Toni Clark. A native of Newark, N.J., Clark just graduated from Essex Community College despite being homeless for all her years at the […]