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Beating the Odds

Motivation by the Numbers: 199

The experts were wrong then, and they’re wrong today.

Back in 2000, the top football executives in the country gathered for the NFL draft.

All but one of them proceeded to overlook one of the greatest players of all time. Finally, with the 199th overall pick, the New England Patriots chose Tom Brady, a quarterback from the University of Michigan.

Brady has won four Super Bowls, making 199 a lucky number for the Patriots — and for you. That number reminds everyone that the experts can be wrong. If you’re rejected by a college, by a sports team, or by an employer, the game isn’t over. If you react the right way, the game has just begun.

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Lots of discussion has gone into why the Patriots waited so long to draft Brady: They didn’t need a quarterback at the time … they were trying to build other positions … Brady hadn’t won enough awards in college.

But that doesn’t explain why all the other teams missed him.

Scouts weren’t thrilled with Brady’s foot speed or with his throwing. They thought he might be too small.

It just shows that it’s easier to spot someone’s faults than their potential. This week, scouts are making the same mistake about at least one player. We don’t yet know who that player is, but someday we will. Someday football fans will look at a certain player and ask how all the teams could have overlooked his potential.

On pick 199, the Patriots finally saw past Brady’s problems and saw the potential.

That’s how 199 became their lucky number. And yours.

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One comment for “Motivation by the Numbers: 199”

  1. Well said. With all the hype around college recruiting, it’s easy for players to forget that each one develops at a different speed. Weren’t the Patriots lucky that Mr. Brady was continuing to develop? How many high school players are continuing to develop while all the college coaches are gathering around the potential has been? An important lesson to be remembered by the players and the coaches!

    Posted by Eileen Day | May 2, 2015, 3:42 am

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