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Win More: What the PED Scandal Means to You

Today, major-league baseball is handing down suspensions to players it believes have taken steroids. New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez is the most prominent name. I have no first-hand knowledge of who did or did not take these drugs, but I do know this: Your decisions are your destiny. You are today the product of […]

Mark McGwire and Peer Pressure

“There’s one advantage to being 102. There’s no peer pressure.” — Comedian Dennis Wolfberg Mark McGwire gave in to peer pressure. Not the kind that came from other players taking steroids. The kind that came from teammates walking past his locker and saying that he was injured again. In other words, like many of your […]

Steroid problems

Second item: A news report says that the Justice Department is investigating whether former big-league pitcher Roger Clemens lied under oath to Congress in a hearing on performance-enhancing drugs. Without making any judgment as to innocence or guilt in the case of Clemens, we can safely say that steroids have tainted today’s sports landscape. Athletes […]