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Tips for Leaders

Measure and be accountable. That’s the simple message in this article by Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi. He’s the chairman and CEO at CyberFlow Analytics, but his insights apply not only in business but in sports and in education. Leaders are leaders, whether they’re on a field, in a classroom or in a boardroom. Among other things, […]

How Leaders Set a Tone

Davey Johnson is at it again. Johnson, who told the 1986 New York Mets to go out and dominate the National League, is trying to put a manager’s imprint on this year’s Washington Nationals. He told Florida Today columnist John Torres he’s so impressed with his team that it has a chance to be better […]

What Successful Coaches Saw as Kids

Over the weekend I had the chance to hear a talk by sports psychologist Dr. Gloria Balague. Among her remarks was a look at successful coaches and how they were shaped by their childhood experiences. Dr. Balague said that when these successful were young: * Their youth coaches were passionate about sport. * Their coaches […]

Five Tips for Effective Leadership

Here’s one of the better articles I’ve seen on leadership. It comes from Forbes and, among other things, it has valuable things to say on what goes into creating a cohesive unit and making each person feel valued. It makes the point that leadership isn’t about the leader, it’s about the people on the team! […]

How to Change a Team Culture

If you’re looking for insight into leadership, check out the recent Sports Illustrated profile of Baltimore Orioles Manager Buck Showalter by writer Tom Verducci. Showalter is trying to turn around a franchise that has not had a winning season since 1997. So he is talking to his players about the approach to success. In one […]

Keith Smart on Leadership

Two items today. First, I forgot to include a link to the article in yesterday’s post. It profiles a high school football team that has made a commitment to “go for it!,” and never punts or attempts a field goal. And here is a link to one of the research papers that suggests the team’s […]