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What Successful Coaches Saw as Kids

Over the weekend I had the chance to hear a talk by sports psychologist Dr. Gloria Balague.

Among her remarks was a look at successful coaches and how they were shaped by their childhood experiences.

Dr. Balague said that when these successful were young:

* Their youth coaches were passionate about sport.
* Their coaches were positive role models for self-control, discipline, leadership.
* They learned from negative coaching experiences what not to do.

Is your program one in which future coaches can find passion, self-control, discipline and leadership?

Or is it one where your student-athletes will get a lesson in what not to do?

Speaking of passion, today is comedian Jim Carrey’s birthday. As a child, Carrey loved to perform. Whenever he had an audience, he was ready to put on a show. It’s said that he wore tap shoes to bed so he could dance if his parents needed cheering up in the middle of the night.

Some people accuse Carrey of over-acting. What a great criticism, especially in a world where most people are shy about going all out! Carrey goes all out, and then some.

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