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What Your GPS Can Teach You

Your GPS has no ego. That makes it the perfect student and teacher.

NFL Combine as Crystal Ball

Swamped with a book deadline, I won’t be writing much today or for the rest of the week. I’ll try to send something each day. My friend Carl McGown came through bigtime, sending this gem of a link on how well the NFL combine can predict how much success a college player will have in […]

Lectures and Love

My friend/colleague Gary Pritchard and I each attended a national coaching convention over the weekend. Gary came back brimming with soccer tips from Philadelphia, while I had the pleasure of mingling with lacrosse coaches in Baltimore. And each of us returned with an “L.” Gary talked about the three practice killers: Laps, lines and lectures. […]

10 Things Every Great Coach Knows

Today I’d like to talk about three coaches who have made a difference in my life. The first is Dave Cross, co-author of the book “Volleyball Cybernetics.” Dave, who work can be found at www.yesicansports.com, first put into words for me the importance of stretching your comfort zone. At his overnight camps in Oberlin, Ohio, […]

How to Have Great Practices

“It’s not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it’s what you put into the practice.” ~ Hockey player Eric Lindros ”John Wooden warned against mistaking activity for achievement. Wooden, the legendary UCLA basketball coach, was pointing out the difference between just doing something and doing the right thing in the […]