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Beating the Odds

10 Things Every Great Coach Knows

Today I’d like to talk about three coaches who have made a difference in my life.

The first is Dave Cross, co-author of the book “Volleyball Cybernetics.” Dave, who work can be found at www.yesicansports.com, first put into words for me the importance of stretching your comfort zone. At his overnight camps in Oberlin, Ohio, every summer, Dave begins with this instruction: At meals, hold your fork with your opposite hand. This simple drill helps you experience the awkwardness of a beginner, and the speed with which you gain new skill.

The second coach is Dr. Rob Gilbert, a sports psychologist who preaches one gospel: You have all the power you need right inside you. Dr. Gilbert, who maintains a motivational blog at http://gilbertsuccesshotline.blogspot.com/, tells everyone he sees that life is not about ability; it’s about action and about finding the right strategy.

Finally is Dr. Carl McGown, Olympic volleyball coach and instructor at www.goldmedalsquared.com, who taught me that coaching is more than just showing up in the gym every day. It’s a calling that requires time, effort and study.

The coaches come to mind because today Gary Pritchard and I are releasing excerpts from our new podcast, “10 Things that Every Great Coach Knows.” You can access it by going to this link. Once you are on the page, scroll down to the bottom and hit the play button.

All the three coaches I’ve mentioned went into the creation of this podcast. It took me well out of my comfort zone (Dave Cross), it required action (Rob Gilbert), and hopefully it will contribute something to the study of coaching (Carl McGown). Perhaps it will help you bring something important to your program every day. We’ll be releasing one chapter a week. Enjoy!


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