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Beating the Odds

Motivation by the Numbers: 10

Chances are that you have never heard of Edward Everett.

There’s a reason for that. He was the “other” speaker on the day Abraham Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address. Everett spoke for two hours. Lincoln spoke for two minutes.

In fact, Lincoln’s remarks consisted of only 10 sentences.

Less is more.

This week Dr. Rob Gilbert and I are featuring a multi-media seminar on “Motivation by the Numbers.” He’s doing it on Success Hotline (973) 743-4690 and I’m blogging it here. If you have a number that motivates you, please let us know.

The number 10 brings a blueprint for your greatness. Less is more. You don’t have to do everything. You can become great by doing only one thing, if you do it well.

And here’s even better news: You get to pick the field in which you want to excel.

In fact, the simplest way to greatness is to pick something you love and learn everything you can about it.

Is there a catch? Yes. Knowing what you want is the easy part. The hard part is deciding what you’re going to give up to get what you want.

A couple of years ago, Dr. Gilbert gave a New Year’s Day message in which he proclaimed “The Year of No.” By that he meant, to get what you want, you must say no to lots of other things.

With less, you get more.

Will you be Edward Everett or Abraham Lincoln?

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