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Beating the Odds

How to Reach Your Potential

Do you have potential? Having potential can be good news or bad news for you.

Good news because the word “potential” comes from the Latin word “potens,” which means power. You have the power to do things!

Bad news because, as a coach once said, “Potential means you haven’t done it yet.”

So let’s go back to the question “Do you have potential?” The answer is yes. YES! Everyone has potential. No matter where you are or what your circumstances are, you have the power to do things!

If you don’t believe it, think of the story Rob Gilbert and I included in our book “Think Better, Win More!: How Sport Psychology Can Make You a Champion.”

The story is about Jean-Dominique Bauby, a famous author who suffered a stroke. Unable to move any part of his body except his eyelids, he could have given in to his adversity. Instead, using blinks to spell out words, he wrote a book called “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.”

The subject of potential comes up because of an article by Nikki Morris, called “5 Not So Obvious Things to Help You Reach Your Potential.”

The first is “Envision Your Future Self.” When I give talks, to young people, I ask them to write down their age and multiply it by two. Then ask them to imagine what their lives will look like when they reach that age.

What will they be doing for a living? Will it be something they LOVE to do, or something they HAVE to do?

Where will they be living? And with whom?

They create this future with the decisions they make. And the first decision is to take the time and effort to actually SEE this future.

If you take the time to SEE your future and make the right decision to CREATE this future, you will have tapped into the POWER that you have!

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