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Beating the Odds

How to Become a High Draft Pick

Suppose that all the business world was more like sports, where you’re drafted, not hired.

That’s right, employers would take turns picking the people they thought could do the most to help them win.

If you were looking to get drafted, what would employers want to see?

And if you were drafting, what would you look for in a prospect?

You’ll find clues to both questions in the book “MBA: Management by Auerbach,” by NBA Hall of Fame coach Red Auerbach. In it, he tells how the Boston Celtics won nine NBA titles in 11 years, and how those lessons apply to business.
Here’s what Auerbach looked for when promoting people in his organization:

“Character. That’s the most important ingredient to me. It comes before size, ability, speed, strength or any other factor. The potential worker has to be a good person on and off the court or I don’t want them.

“Dedication. I always looked for a player who would put winning ahead of everything else. Same goes for a typist, a public relations guy, a scout for my organization. They’ve got to have a winning attitude.

“Adaptability. Would this person accept coaching (or managing) and put personal self-interests behind the needs of the team?

“Compatibility. Would he or she be able to get along with the other people this individual will be working with? Again, the concept of chemistry emerges, whether you’re building a pro basketball team or a professional marketing team.”

These principles apply everywhere. They don’t change over time or with events. They don’t have anything to do with physical ability. They are always there, sometimes hidden by bling and glamor and Hollywood.

To win, make sure you never get fooled into overlooking these qualities.

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