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Beating the Odds

How Deep is Your Commitment?

One morning the barnyard awoke to great excitement.

“Good news,” cried the hen. “Today we are having ham and eggs for breakfast.”

All the animals greeted these words by racing to the table. All the animals except the pig, that is.

“Why so glum,” the hen asked the pig. “Don’t you know we’re having ham and eggs for breakfast?”

“For you,” he pig said, “ham and eggs is a donation. For me, it’s a full commitment.”

Your life is very much as the scene in the barnyard. Whether it’s your sport, your studies, your relationships, your religion or your health, you have a choice: Will you be in it or into it?

In sports, those who are into it beat those who are merely in it. In school, those who are into it get better grades than those who are just in it. Those who are into practice acquire more skill than those who are just in it.

You get to make the choice. You can decide whether you are going to be in your life or into it.

That decision is your destiny.

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