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How to Win

What’s Important About 10/11/12

Today is 10/11/12. Tenth day, eleventh month, twelfth year.

Did you know that before you read it here?

Maybe, maybe not. But one thing is for sure: Lots of things happen every day without us realizing it. We walk past opportunities, resources and people who could help us.

There are also the things we don’t know about ourselves, both good and bad.
We all have blind spots. That’s where friends, family, mentors and coaches can help us.

We all have good points that we don’t know about. When you get a compliment, accept it. Somebody may remark upon your intelligence, courage, determination.

Too many people try to turn aside a compliment. They refuse to believe it. The next time you get one, accept it! Who knows? The person giving it to you may be right!

Try to adjust your life so you can do a better job of finding the things you did not know about. Use friends, family, coaches.

Oh, and have a great 10/11/12.

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