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Beating the Odds

Types of Intelligence

No subject intrigues me more than the question of “who will make it?”

In any given group — classroom, business, sport — which person will exceed expectations, which one will fall short, and which one will wind up just about where you thought?

We know the factors that won’t necessarily predict success. They include gender, income, race, IQ or being voted Most Likely to Succeed.

For every Einstein, Oprah or Dr. Martin Luther King, there are millions of people who seemed to have more talent and promise.
How did those three rise while the millions did not? This Forbes article by Keld Jensen lists different kinds of intelligence not measured by the tests you took in school: emotional, moral and body.

Besides explaining each type of intelligence, Jensen offers tips you can use to improve these quotients in yourself.

A tidbit: Madonna’s IQ was 140, while John F. Kennedy’s was 119.

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