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Test of Wills

This year’s Washington Redskins camp offers a textbook study of a coach’s attempt to motivate and shape a player.

As detailed in this Sports Illustrated article, defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth has drawn the attention of his coach and teammates for his attitude, particularly by boycotting the team’s off-season workouts.

Haynesworth failed a conditioning test yesterday, and coach Mike Shanahan kept him off the field until he passes it.

“The bottom line,” Shanahan said, “is we’re going to get him in shape.

Haynesworth signed a seven-year, $100 million deal a year ago. But he doesn’t like the team’s new approach to defense. Big money and bad attitude are not a good mix for any team. It will test Shanahan’s ability to motivate.

“The sooner all this gets behind us,” center Casey Rabach said, “it’ll be better for this team.”


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