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Stress and Driving

A recent report points out a link between stressful jobs and traffic accidents. It says that doctors crash the most.

It was a relief (and a surprise) not to see coaches in the top 10 of accident-prone jobs. The job seems stressful enough to me. And if stress doesn’t affect coaches on the road, you’d think that preoccupation might.

I remember an instructional video in which a successful coach admitted he should not even be ALLOWED to drive, because he never thought of anything except his team.

But maybe that explains why coaches are not on the list. Though their job is stressful, it is also very rewarding. Over the weekend, I attended a coaching clinic where the fun is multi-layered. It’s wonderful to learn new things (to think about while we should be concentrating on driving) and it’s also a pleasure to be surrounded by so many people who are passionate and endlessly curious about their profession.

By the way, the other professions in the top 10 are: lawyers, architects, real estate agents, enlisted military personnel, social workers, manual laborers, analysts, engineers and consultants.


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