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How to Win

Culture of Success

Once again the New Jersey Devils have climbed to the top of their conference in the National Hockey League.

This should surprise no one who follows the sport or the team; the Devils always put a superior team on on the ice. They don’t always win. But they usually contend. It is part of team culture.

Years ago I remember a Devils player being quoted to the effect that when you arrive for training camp with the Devils, you know that everyone else is looking to win the Stanley Cup. This is a shared vision. What a difference between just hoping to play well and having your eyes fixed firmly on the championship.

It changes everything from the way you conduct yourself in the locker room to the way you practice to the way you play in games. Success is a given; the only question is exactly how much success there will be.

Your attitude at the beginning of any endeavor goes a long way in determining how successful you will be at that endeavor. When an entire group begins with an attitude geared only for success, their combined power is hard to resist.


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