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Beating the Odds

Experiencing Life

Our family is on vacation on the Outer Banks of North Carolina this week, and the long drive to get here gives you time to think.

In fact, it gives you time to think about thinking.

Between the lights and the strictly enforced speed limits, it’s virtually impossible to make time. What a contrast to the interstates, where you can spend the entire trip trying to pass cars and shave minutes off your trip.

No, the route we took forces you to experience the journey. Whether you like it or not is another question. At least you experience it. On the interstates, you do everything you can to AVOID experiencing the journey.

Seasons can be like that. You can get so carried away with your goals and with outcomes that you forget to experience the daily moments. And it’s the daily moments that add up to outcomes.

Dean Smith, legendary basketball coach at the University of North Carolina, writes that when he looks back on seasons, he remembers the people. He recalls the personalities, the interactions, the things that go into daily life.

It all comes down to being fully in the present. When you spend your time worrying about everything except what is going on in the moment, you are doing more than missing life. You are hurting your performance.

So make sure you are experiencing the journey. Even if there are traffic lights and speed limits.


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