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How to Win

What You Do and What You Get

Give attention to the details and excellence will come.” ~ Perry Paxton

As a player, Gary Burley helped the Cincinnati Bengals reach the Super Bowl. Today, as a coach and mentor, he is now helping young people reach for the heights. He founded ProStart Academy, whose goal is to produce “citizen athletes.”

“Coaches have to communicate the whole game,” says Burley, explaining the connection between the smallest practice detail and what it will mean down the road. “In practice you talk about the fourth quarter. Do the right the thing and continue to do that.”

For example, even in calisthenics the players and coaches can choose their level of excellence. Will the exercises be done well, sloppily, or not at all? Those who choose a less-than-high standard are headed for sub-par results.

“Take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves,” Burley recalls Pitt Coach Johnny Majors saying.

Through emphasis on details, Burley hopes to create football players who will go on to become great employees or, better yet, entrepreneurs.

With proper coaching, athletes learn focus, time-management and strong decision-making. They understand commitment, teamwork and responsibility. Who wouldn’t want an employee or business partner with those values?

Burley’s coach on the Bengals, Forrest Gregg, once played for legendary coach Vince Lombardi on the Green Bay Packers. Gregg, like many ex-Packers, credited Lombardi’s value system with success later in life.

Speaking of values …

What does every good coach teach?

 You won’t find it in a playbook!

  Coaches Gary Pritchard and Mike Tully released Chapter 3 of their podcast,

   “The 10 Things Great Coaches Know.”
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