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Life Lessons

Using Failure as Fuel

“It’s OK to fail. If you’re not failing, you’re not growing.” — H. Stanley Judd

North Carolina’s most important game of this season may well have taken place last season.

That’s because last year’s loss in the semifinals made the Wildcats even more determined to win this year’s national title. They can do so Monday night against Michigan State.

Before yesterday’s game against Villanova, an interviewer asked North Carolina coach Roy Williams if last year’s loss would bring added motivation for the game.

Williams indicated it would not. But he did say, “It brought extra motivation over the summer.”

Williams thus summed up what motivation can and cannot do.

If you’re not prepared, then motivation won’t help.

But motivation can help you prepare.

North Carolina apparently has put the motivation and the preparation together. Stung by last year’s loss to Kansas, the players used the pain as fuel. They approached the off-season with renewed focus and intensity. All that work showed last night in a complete domination of Villanova.

It can be the same way with you. The greater the defeat, the greater your comeback can be. Just use the pain as fuel.

Coach Tully’s Extra Point: Coach Williams has appeared in five of the last eight Final Fours. A profile can be read here.


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