// Testimonials

“If you want to turn your program into a consistent winner then you couldn’t find a better coach to lead the way than Mike Tully.  Mike believes strongly in motivation, and his presentation skills are building blocks for success.”

— FRED McMANE, Softball coach and assistant basketball coach, Foxcroft School, Middleburg, Va.

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“Coach Mike Tully helped my team win the 2006 Greater Newark Tournament — as the 15th seed. His principles have greatly enhanced my personal development. More importantly, they have had a tremendous influence on all of my athletes.”

— SCOTT ILLIANO, Baseball coach, West Essex (N.J.) High School

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“Mike Tully knows what success is. Not only that, but he knows how to get there. The prinicples put forward by Coach Tully are thought-provoking to the point that you cannot ignore or dispute what is being said, but only travel along the road with him all the way to your own success, no matter what sport or what level.”

— ANTHONY HANSON, Youth Coach, Aston Villa F.C.

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“Coach Tully’s work is a great inspiration to me,  as I have long held the view that too much emphasis is placed on what happens during a game, and not enough on mental and physical preparation.  I will certainly be adapting Coach Tully’s ideas and using them in the future, and encouraging others to do the same.”

— PETER RAPER, Yorkshire, England

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“Mike Tully’s extraordinary curiosity and refusal to accept stock answers made him the best reporter I ever worked with. As a coach, he’s brought that trademark thirst for truth to uncovering the best methods to help athletes reach their full potential.”
— ELIOT COHEN, former sports writer and television producer,  Hong Kong