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Why Expecting to Win Helps You Win

Winners expect to win. That’s more than a cliche. It’s science. For evidence, look at a poison ivy test done by researchers in Japan. Many thanks to former NHL star Ryan Walter for passing along the info. “Researchers blindfolded a group of students and told them their right arms were being rubbed with a poison […]

Jeremy Lin and Selfishness

In these days of Jeremy Lin, it’s not a good idea for anyone to be selfish, or to be seen as so. Carmelo Anthony, who will be on the court with Lin and the New York Knicks when he returns from a groin injury, is answering questions over whether he will share the ball. And […]

One Moment at a Time

How do you win a seven-game series? The obvious answer, of course, is to win four games before your opponent does. But doing that is tricky. Winning a playoff series is a psychological minefield in which each team must fight the temptation to put the math ahead of the moment. “It’s all about staying in […]