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How One Man’s Risk Changed Baseball

Comedian W.C. Fields, while riding in an air balloon, yelled to the ground to ask, “Is this Kansas City, Kansas?” When told he must be lost, Fields replied, “Kansas City is lost. I am here.” Not many people go through life with the certainty that Fields did. Fear of the unknown and the fear of […]

Great Ideas That Could Have Been Lost

What do Thomas Edison, Lil Wayne and J.K. Rowling have in common? Note-taking! Writing down their thoughts helped make them all successful, and it can do the same thing for you. Take school for example. My friend and co-author Rob Gilbert says the quality of a student’s notes will correlate strongly with the student’s grade. […]

Why I Can’t Condemn Mike Rice

Comic legend W.C. Fields once bragged about his role in a fight with a character named Chicago Molly. “He knocked her down … but I was the one who started kicking her.” This line from the movie “My Little Chickadee” explains why I can’t condemn Rutgers Coach Mike Rice. It’s not that what Rice did […]