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What Did Scouts Miss About This Star?

Chase Utley, a player for the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team, has announced he will retire after the 2018 season. His announcement quickly set off a debate over whether he will one day be voted into the baseball Hall of Fame. We will leave that discussion to others. What interests me more is how well […]

How Coach Wooden Coached

If you want to be the best, you learn from the best. When it comes to college basketball, John Wooden was the best. That’s why two researchers — Ronald Gallimore and Roland Tharp — made a study of Wooden during practice. They paid particular attention to what Wooden, the longtime UCLA basketball coach, said and […]

How to Make Today a Masterpiece

On a day like today, when Butler and UConn play for the national title, what would UCLA legend John Wooden say? Wooden, after all, won 10 of these games in a 12-year span, including seven in a row. He died in 2010, but coaches all over the world look to his words for help and […]